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BookFunnel Promotions for July/August/September 2022

You will be able to download FREE samples of any of my books which have been added to the promos below by clicking on the links.  Some of these promotions offer FREE books too: 

Mystery and Suspense/Thriller - some FREE books and samples  July/August

A House Without Windows - free books and samples from July 5th - August 21st - free samples only 1 - 31st August

Mystery and Suspense/Paranormal Books and FREE samples July

Finding David - July 22nd - August 21st 1st - 31st July - June 16th - 15th July - free books and samples June 15th - July 15th

Paranormal Romance/Suspense - Some Free books and FREE samples only - July/August

Partners in Time free books 1st - 31st August from July 15th - 14th August until June 10th - July 9th t - July 10th - August 10th

Historical Fiction/Fact - free books and samples July 15th - August 15th

Lily: A Short Story

Romance/Bad Boy/Suspense/Thrillers -  July

Revenge - free samples only June 20th - July 31st

Romance  - July

A Rather Unusual Romance  free books and samples 1st - 31st July - free books and samples 1st - 31st July - free samples only June 20th - July 31st free samples only July 15th - August 15th

Thrillers - July/August

Examining Kitchen cupboards - free samples only 1st - 31st July Free books and samples 1st - 31st August

Sweet with Heat - July - free books and free samples - July

No Sex Please, I'm Menopausal!  - from July 3rd - July 31st

Multi-Genre Book Fair - July/August

The Daughter-in-law Syndrome - free samples only July 1st - August 31st

Mystery, Suspense and  Crime - Free books and samples - 16th August - 11th September