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Interview with Ian, Creative Director at Koobug

June 2014


After being interviewed for the Koobug website, I thought I’d turn the tables and shine the spotlight on Ian, Creative Director of the excellent author website

1. What gave you the idea to set up Koobug?

It wasn’t my idea at all. The brilliant concept belongs to our CEO Brendon Moorhouse. We have been friends for years and whilst on holiday together he invited me to join him.

2. How did Koobug get its name, and how long has the site been in operation?

Koobug wasn’t our original idea, but someone else had the rights to the name we had created. So we set about conceiving another one. We wanted it simple, distinctive and memorable. In particular we wanted to avoid a tired literary cliché. The site will soon celebrate its second anniversary

3. Are you finding that Koobug takes up more and more of your time as its popularity grows?

Absolutely, there are four of us who operate Koobug, we have no massive commercial backer, we are independent and beholden to no-one. Inevitably we have to devote more and more time to Koobug. We want it to stand out, demonstrate excellence. This takes time and commitment. All of us have other busy professional lives. As my mother used to say if you need a job doing, give it to a busy person.

4. Anything new coming soon on the Koobug website?

Yes, the site is always under review and development. You’ll forgive me if I reserve announcements for the site itself. We are also acutely conscious of the aspect of trust. We will add, alter or amend only when we can produce a real advancement. We don’t want to make piecrust promises.

5. Do you read everything that’s posted on the Koobug website?

I try to, you’ll notice that the vast majority of blogs are posted on our twitter site, but I read every blog before they are posted on twitter. If you analyse our interviews you’ll see that this is the case. Clearly I don’t read all of the books!

6. Have you ever had to remove an offensive blog?

No, we haven’t, a tribute to the quality and integrity of those who contribute. The thriving, talented, eclectic and generous Koobloggers are a particular source of pride to us.

7. What are your hopes for the future of Koobug?

We have high hopes for Koobug. This is a site of quality and ambition. We intend to set up a bookshop as and when we are ready. We are creating reader technology to accompany it, but this is quite a commitment in time and investment. Koobug demands nothing financially from its contributors, but everything has a cost, and we bear it. The bookshop will be a commercial venture, the authors will enjoy a relationship with Koobug, but we are clear in

our intent, the bookshop will be run on “Fairtrade principles”. Authors will enjoy a relationship with use based upon fairness and equity. The more people who support Koobug, the quicker we can achieve these goals. Our ambitions don’t end there, but one step at a time.

8. What type of books do you like to read? Which genre is your favourite?

I have depressingly” lowbrow” tastes with the odd foray into classics and “highbrow”. No genre in particular, but I like a good rip roaring adventure, a spy thriller, an historical romance or even chick lit. I adore Jilly Cooper.

9. Have you written any books?

No, though I have written many articles for newspapers and magazines.

10. When you’re not busy being Koobug’s creative director, what do you like to do in your spare time?

Spare time is a luxury I rarely enjoy. Walking my dogs, Fast cars are my true passion, and I’m surrounded by horses, as my wife and kids are all very capable riders competing at a very high level. Travel, if I can find the time…..

11. Whereabouts did you grow up as a child? Have you any sisters or brothers?

I grew up in Kent and I’m part of a long line of boys.

12: Did you go to public/boarding school or state school? If a boarder, were you homesick?

Interesting question! I’m always cautious on this one because the British love to define you by your school. I actually went to both, though of course people want to identify me by my public school, when in fact, my grammar school had a greater influence on me. My mother wouldn’t let us board, she hated her boarding school so much.

13. Where in the world will you be spending your holidays this year?

Don’t know yet, but a re-visit to the Normandy beaches is a strong likelihood.

14. Are you musical? If so, classical or modern? Do you play an instrument?

No, both, no.

15. If you watch a field of barley undulating in the summer breeze, are you tempted to write a poem about it?

No, probably too busy chasing my dogs.

16. Do you watch much TV? What is your favourite programme?

How much is much? My wife says I do, much of the time its moving wallpaper to me. Lots I love, but my favourite…..Frasier.

17. Do you prefer solitude or company?


18. Are you one for silence or do you prefer the sound of a radio in the background?

Radio in the background.

19. Would you rather be outdoors or indoors?


20. You are on that desert island this time:

a) Your one book would be? The Bible

b) Your one record would be? Um…….Cinema Show by Genesis

c) Your one luxury would be? Laphroig Malt Whisky

Thanks Ian, for agreeing to be interviewed.