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Reviews of 'Cruising Danger'


5.0 out of 5 stars When Fun Isn't Fun Anymore

Reviewed in the United States on October 14, 2021

Two close friends who work together decide to take a cruise together. Pauline is married and Shirley is not. Pauline discovers in a short time after boarding the cruise ship that her friend Shirley has already cast her eye on one of the ship’s musical entertainers, Joe. Shirley winds up spending lots of time with Joe and Pauline becomes pissed that the friend she supposedly went on vacation with is barely ever with her, leaving her mostly alone, not showing up for meals or planned excursions.

Yes, Pauline is pretty angry, as would be most people in this situation, only, after a few days of Shirley being a no-show, Pauline becomes suspicious as to her friend’s whereabouts and begins her journey of investigations with the help of ship security and emails she sends to her husband Jim, asking him to help her out by sending him on search missions back home in the U.K. (no spoilers).

The plot thickens once we discover Pauline is not imagining things and a ‘mysterious’ ‘passenger’ befriends Pauline and in her despair over drinks, proceeds to tell Ken what has transpired with her investigation into her missing friend. This is the part where I began getting suspicious of Ken, but that’s just me. Of course I cannot let you know if I was wrong or right about Ken. And I’m not divulging what entails after Pauline’s suspicions are confirmed. Suffice it to say, Turner did a fantastic job with creating suspicion and bringing in some other colorful characters to add to the chaos. Is Shirley really missing? Is she dead? Did she ditch Pauline to rush back home from one of the ports when Joe dumped her? You will have to read this enjoyable page turner to find out.


5 stars on Goodreads by Janice Spina 25/7/22

Two women, co-workers, different as night and day, go on a Caribbean cruise together. Pauline and Shirley are looking forward to a wonderful time away from work. Pauline is married while Shirley isn’t at the moment. Shirley has already had two broken marriages and wants to find the love of her life.

This story, Cruising Danger, kept me riveted to find out what happened to Shirley when she goes missing from the cruise. Pauline does all she can to find her. She suspects that Shirley’s fling with a band member on the cruise went awry but she can’t prove anything.

Pauline’s goal is to find her friend and get home safely with her in tow. But things don’t add up and Pauline is forced to take matters into her own hands. She contacts her husband, Jim, to help to report her friend is missing.

This was an enjoying and intriguing story that I highly recommend. It will keep you in suspense until the satisfying ending.