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Stevie's Poetry

I started writing poetry at quite an early age. On the sub-pages you will find poems that I've written recently. However, on this page are a few poems which I wrote in my teenage years.

The Hobo

Eyes that were full of gaiety,

Now are dimmed through injustices of life.

A gnarled hand clutches a coin,

Worn shoes shuffle on,

Searching for a Shangri-La.

He considered -

He could have been somebody!

Anybody, except what he had become.

Paranoia creeps as softly as the mist.

The king surveys the crumbling ruin,

He's lost the struggle to exist.

The Non-Conformist

I'm not 'they' - I'm me.

Outside the sheep.

I follow a self-made path

Hewn from derision and fear.

Alone, I smile at those who sneer.

I'm not 'they' - I'm me.

I follow the path the sheep never see.

The only traveller,

On the road that runs where it will.

I am one with the soaring albatross,

Flying high above the plastic world

With a ghost of a truth

To the end.

Albatross, teach them to be free,

Like me.

Fiesta Flamenca

The pulsating beat

Mingles with flashes of red,

And the black fires of their eyes

Burn with a fierce flame

Along my tingling spine.

Dainty feet conspire joyously

With pounding guitars

And whirring castanets in a technicolor dream

To hold me in enraptured awe.

How happy they are just to dance!

Obstacle Course

The gaggle of irritating schoolgirls approached me

In giggling delight.

Their mocking eyes shouted to the world

The joy they felt at this encounter.

Staring fixedly at the distant horizon,

I let a slight smile

Hide my quickened heart, and

The slow sinking feeling

That always accompanied this wearying routine.

An impenetrable human barrier

Formed before me.

The sun was beginning to set in the heavens,

The journey home was always memorable.